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pb@printboise.com - 208-391-5841
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About Us

The traditional screen printing and embroidery industry is outdated and difficult to to use. 

Perfectly Branded was created by a group of experienced businesses who needed to consistently have premium printed t-shirts shipped to their customers within 3 business days. They shipped over 50,000 t-shirts utilizing the established print-on-demand companies and found that they lacked in 3 critical areas, and your customers will notice.

  • We print and ship stocked shirts within 3 business days.
    • Others companies can take up to 3-4 weeks.
  • We have 2 quality control checkpoints and perfectly maintained state of the art equipment joined with highly trained staff that rarely produces mistakes.
    • Others use outdated equipment and don't have standard operating procedures, let alone quality control checkpoints. This creates the perfect environment to regularly produce obviously misprinted tees without ever noticing.
  • We measure the lifetime value of our customers, and therefore take our customer service and customer satisfaction very seriously.
    • Others neglect to make mistakes right, are impossible to get on the phone, take multiple days to respond to emails, etc. The truth is that their profit margins are so slim and base their accommodations on the individual profit on the job instead of the much larger lifetime value of their customers.

Perfectly Branded now offers POD fulfillment, DTG printing , DTF transfers, HTV transfers, and Embroidery.